🌿 Naturopathic Services — Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Hello there,

I’m Sarah, a Sydney-based naturopath with a passion for integrative health care, empowerment through education and really good coffee.

Whilst I work with a wide range of conditions in my clinics, I am particularly interested in:

• immune health • allergies • food intolerances • asthma • respiratory conditions •
digestive issues • autoimmune disease • children’s health

During your consultations, I take the time to listen to your story. I offer practical solutions and treatment plans that are personally designed to support you in achieving your health goals.

Consultations and Fees

Initial Consultation

$120  — 60 minutes

This is the information gathering session. We will discuss your medical history and health concerns in detail and together we can establish what you would like to achieve and prioritise your health goals.

Clinical Testing Consultation

$105  — up to 45 minutes

At your second appointment, I will assess various aspects of your physical health including blood pressure and circulation, blood glucose and cholesterol levels, body composition, waist-hip ratio, respiratory function, tongue and nail inspection and iris analysis.

Review Consultation

$95  — up to 45 minutes

In this session, we will review clinical findings and your health evaluation report. I will also provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. Your treatment plan is designed specifically for your health needs and recommendations are always practical, sustainable and achievable.

Children’s Health

Initial Consultation $110  — 60 minutes
Review Consultation $85  — up to 45 minutes

Kids health needs are quite unique as they are constantly growing and developing. As a little one’s immune system is developing, they may frequently pick up infections. However, they should bounce back quite quickly when given the right nutritional and naturopathic support.

As a naturopath, I have seen children respond incredibly well to natural medicine, nutrition, and positive lifestyle changes. Common children’s conditions that can be supported by naturopathy include:

• poor immunity • digestive issues • allergies and food intolerances • asthma • sinus issues • eczema and dermatitis •
• sleep problems • fatigue • poor concentration • behavioural disorders •

Food Intolerance Testing

$295  — up to 120 minutes

An in-clinic blood spot test that screens for food-specific IgG antibodies. The presence of specific antibodies indicates food intolerances, which may be contributing to symptoms such as bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, IBS symptoms, fatigue, headaches, sinus problems, sleep issues and skin conditions.

Consultation is included with the food intolerance test.

I would love to work with you and support you on your journey to better health. If you would like to make an enquiry, send me a message or visit my bookings page to make an appointment.

*Health fund rebates apply to all consultations, Depending on your level of private health cover.