Naturopath Brookvale
The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas Alva Edison

The practice of naturopathy has many strings to its bow. By its very nature it is holistic. It considers all aspects of health including the physical, the biological and biochemical, the mental and the emotional.

Naturopathy is all about understanding the underlying drivers of symptoms and disease. Your signs and symptoms tell a story. The aim of naturopathy is to help you unravel your health story, understand it more clearly and utilise that understanding to provide direction for the treatment strategy.

Therapeutic approaches include optimising nutrition, making lifestyle changes, and the use of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements to provide additional support where appropriate.


My core naturopathic values and ethos as a practitioner:


Patient-centred care

There is no-one else in the world that knows your body in the way that you do. So, it makes sense that you should be actively involved in the clinical decision making and development of your treatment plan. Your values and preferences are key in guiding treatment advice and prescriptions.



Your naturopathic treatment strategy is always individualised to your unique health needs. There are no one-trick-wonders or silver bullets in naturopathic healthcare. Optimising nutrition and lifestyle medicine are foundational in improving health, and what that looks like for you will be different for somebody else.



Naturopathy is not, and should not be an exclusive approach to healthcare. As a practitioner, it is my preference to work in collaboration with other health professionals involved in your care, including your doctor and/or specialist. An integrative approach allows for safe and comprehensive treatment strategies to be developed, that will be highly beneficial for you.



The practice of naturopathy, by nature, is holistic. In my practice, I consider various aspects of your health and wellbeing including the physical, the biological and biochemical, the mental and the emotional.



Education is one of the founding principles of naturopathy. It is my responsibility, as a practitioner, to provide health education and empower patients to be able to make better choices in regards to their health and wellbeing.


Ethical Practice

In my practice as a naturopath, I strive to provide healthcare in an ethical manner. This includes ensuring that treatment and advice is of benefit to my patients and that harm is absolutely minimised. I also provide environmentally sustainable and ethical dietary and lifestyle recommendations and supplement prescriptions.