Sarah is currently consulting from Total Health Brookvale, a multi-modality clinic located in Brookvale on Sydney's Northern Beaches.


Initial Consultation

60 mins • $135

At your initial naturopathic consultation we explore your health history, current health concerns and review any previous pathology results. Essentially your first consultation is a fact-finding mission, in which we start to investigate and understand the complexity and underlying causes of your health concerns. We start with an in depth conversation about your health concerns, the symptoms you are experiencing and details of your medical health history. Physical assessments are conducted as required, and provide a more complete picture of your health. Any further pathology investigations, testing or referrals are discussed and organised at this stage. 


Standard Review Consultation

45 mins • $105

In the review consultations we continue to expand on our understanding of your case. Any investigations / pathology organised at initial consultation are reviewed. 


short Review Consultation

30 mins • $75

Pathology investigations provide valuable insight into your unique biochemistry. Pathology investigations are useful assessment tool that I frequently use in identifying imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, infections and other markers of health.