Hello there. I am Sarah Woolner, a naturopath practicing in Brookvale on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out The Natural Medicine Tree. I have created this space so that I can share with you help you to navigate through your own health journey with 


About Sarah

I am a classic introvert, so talking about myself does not come naturally. Actually, I am much more comfortable listening than talking. 

Exploring nature replenishes my energy and I feel most at home by the ocean. Salt water and sunshine are daily essentials for me. Yoga keeps me calm and centred. I have recently discovered reformer pilates. I LOVE it!

In the kitchen, I love creating simple and wholesome meals. Raspberry and rosemary is one of my favourite flavour combinations. Salted dark chocolate is my idea of a sweet treat. I also love a good green veggie juice.

I strive to live a simpler life and adore the minimalist movement. 



How I approach health

Good health has a different meaning for each of us. We are all unique in what It is not about being perfect and putting in 100% all the time. 

I like to take a minimalist approach to health -- keeping things simple and sustainable. 


my role as a naturopathic practitioner

As a naturopath and holistic practitioner, it is my job to investigate and understand the complexities of your health concerns. assess your individual health needs and create a specific treatment plan that works for you.


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)


My food philosophy

Food is life. It provides energy and nourishment