Naturopathic Consultations Brookvale

Naturopathic consultations are currently available at Total Health Brookvale, a multi-modality clinic located in Brookvale on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches.

Whist I see a range of different health conditions, my clinical focus is primarily on:

+ Women’s hormonal health
+ Thyroid disease
+ Gut dysfunction
+ Immunity and respiratory conditions

Your consultations are all about you. The symptoms that you experience tell a story. It is my job to help you unravel your health story, make sense of it and develop a treatment strategy that is specific for your health needs.


Initial Naturopathic Consultation

60 mins • $135

At your initial naturopathic consultation we explore your health history, current health concerns and review any previous pathology results. Essentially, your first consultation is a fact-finding mission. We start to investigate and understand the complexity and underlying causes of your health concerns. We start with an in depth conversation about your health concerns, the symptoms you are experiencing and details of your medical health history. Physical assessments are conducted as required and provide a more complete picture of your health. Any further pathology investigations, testing or referrals are discussed and organised at this stage. Your individualised treatment plan is emailed to you following your consultation.


Standard Review Consultation

45 mins • $105

The review consultations allow us to continue unravelling your health story. We assess the dietary and lifestyle changes implemented, and troubleshoot those that were more difficult. Your symptoms and any relevant clinical testing are re-assessed. Any investigations / pathology organised at initial consultation are analysed and reviewed. 


short Review Consultation

30 mins • $75

Shorter review consultations are available for patients that have progressed to a maintenance phase in their treatment plan or for those who need an acute consult (cold and flu or allergy flare ups).