Pathology Testing

As part of my practice and assessment of your case, I utilise pathology tests. This helps me to understand your bodies unique biochemistry.

Pathology investigations provide valuable insight into your unique biochemistry. Pathology investigations are useful assessment tool that I frequently use in identifying imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, infections and other markers of health.

Types of pathology testing


Blood tests

I frequently use blood pathology testing as a part of my practice in assessing an individuals level of health. Generally, I start with some basic testing that looks at your blood chemistry, liver function, red blood cells and immune function. If you have had blood tests ordered by your GP, then there is a good chance you have already had these tests done. 



Urinalysis (the analysis of urine) is a cost-effective test that is done in clinic, as part of your initial consultation. It provides information about hydration, pH level (acidity or alkalinity)